Who we are!


We are a non-profit organization. We are seeking to help Mother Nature thanks to our Ecological Farms around the world. In these Eco-Farms you can find big communities of people working together in order to accomplish the same goal. It is possible to learn about recycling, yoga, vegetarian food, agriculture and more! Besides we need your help to make this world a better world.

With us you can experience monastic peace. In any of our centers you will become a true friend of your body through natural food and environment. Learn how the yogis breathe. Put your senses to good use instead of becoming their slave. Make your mind your friend. In a world desperately in need, Inbound Yoga offers a place where, armed with the sword of knowledge, you can fight against indifference, exploitation and illusion. Let not another moment be wasted.

Dear volunteers, for the last thirty years we have been striving to establish a synthesis of the need of mother earth and the thirst for harmony in all of us. The south american challange to establish ecological communities with the help of the yoga lifestyle as we have learned in India, has been a wonderful experience. Both locals from different South American countries and our international volunteers blend nicely into an enthusiastic team. A healthy, deep and meaningful life is our goal for all. We need many helping hands and I think I can safely guarantee you a rewarding experience. Help us to help others is the principle and thus also help yourself.In my travels throughout this wonderful continent, meeting so many wonderful people, the contagious enthusiasm has allowed us to start yoga monasteries with eco (logical) farms and many educational programms along the Andean route.

You can actually make a tour of volunteering in our different locations as you travel through South America. Our projects are true pioneering projects and as you reach each destination we will figure out what is the best help you can render according to your talents. I want to be very sincere with you to make your stay with us entirely happy. We keep strict regard for our brother animals and thus follow a strict vegetarian diet. Also we don't want any intoxication and extramarital relationships going on while you are in a volunteer relationship in any of our places.

We are excited to share with you the many wonderful activities we engage in, such as learning how to cook vegetarian food, cultivating the land, planting trees, make flower decorations, yoga, constructing cabins, receiving visitors, playing drums, studying vedic scriptures, organizing fire sacrifices, playing music, making handicrafts from bamboo or tagua and so much more. You can start in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and live there in a cogi-style hut, and go all the way down to Argentina, where in General Rodriguez we have an Inbound Center with a wonderful art department.

You can obtain our Inbound Yoga Tour CD-ROM and you will get an idea how many wonderful places there are. I especially recommend the ecological garden Vrindavan in Banos, Ecuador which is in the middle of the rain forest as the Amazon basin starts going up into the Andean Mountain ranges. Or what about a visit to the desert, one hour from Lima, Peru? We will be grateful to get your help and you may quite as well take home an unforgettable experience, full of joy and solid values for the rest of your life.

Join a process which can turn your volunteer time or your vacation into a real vocation. Complete, ask, suggest us here.